Calamantina I Beauty Salon


Project Area: 73 sqm
Type: Commercial
Scope: Interior Design
Status: Completed
Date: 2021

Calamantina is an experiential space of a beauty salon. The brand identity and interior design are inspired by the playfulness of the Calamantina colors, which is evident in the structure, lighting, and décor. The theme of Calamantina beauty salon project employs a desaturated color pallet, one that aspires to produce a serene aesthetic, Serenity is amplified by the use of stone with minimal intervention which in Calamantina project works as a reception desk.
Calamantina likes to employ ambiguous figures, on different scales, from the small aggregates of terrazzo to the ambiguity of the mirror’s form. While the whole concept of the design likes to stretch abstraction towards formalism.