It’s common for our sense of smell to take us on a nostalgic journey. Digging deep into the old barbershop experience in the Arab region, we were automatically reminded of the citrusy, zesty fragrances used by barbers after a shave. Researching various names of citrusy fruits, we came to discover that the mandarin orange was named after a young scholar “Yousef” who was summoned by Mohammad Ali Pasha, to learn more about new plants and trees. And thus, the name, Yousef Afandi.
It was time to build a feminine experience after 6 years of expanding throughout Jordan’s neighborhoods, and that’s when Calamantina was found. Calamantina is a distinctive catchy name with a fascinating tale that links it to the mother company. Where craft is dictated by passion and implemented with pride, Calamantina aims to reinvent the traditional beauty salon experience for contemporary woman.

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The Challenge

Calamantina’s logo was inspired by the elegant rendition of Yousef Afandi’s brand name in traditional Taaleeq Arabic calligraphy style. Softer strokes, subtler dots, and more curvature in the letters, on the other hand, made it appear more feminine.

The Approach

It is vital that all elements of Calamantina’s experience are in harmony. The interior and façade are in alignment with the branding’s style, which is also reflected on social media and other marketing outlets, as well as the spirit inside the shop with the services offered and the ladies’ hospitality truly capture Calamantina’s core values. Rendering it as the ideal place for a contemporary woman to relax and unwind in preparation of the week ahead.

The Impact

Calamantina creates a new comfortable, cozy, and light experience for professional women across the MENA region, with the goal of making everyone feel beautiful and refreshed from the inside out.

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