Project Description

Capital Select building celebrates the hybrid, a hybrid that is charge through a strange metaphor, the building operates as a bank [Object] with its security measures and formalities specifically as affluent clients branch, yet it represents itself as a welcoming space of the boutique hotel [Quality], in other words Capital select is a bank building with boutique hotel qualities.

The Metaphor of the Boutique hotel was employed as a critical attempt to challenge the idea of what bank culture could be, to challenge the formal and programmatic capacity.

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The project is charged with metaphors, that keep the bank essentially a bank, yet with boutique hotel qualities. The mass is a collection of parts, that are autonomous yet interrelated, both on a programmatic, formal, material, and structural.


  • The Staircase being a self-supporting translucent concrete steel structure.
  • The building skin as post tension reinforced concrete.
  • Suspended steel frame holding the interior structure.


The interior of the project suggests centrality, one that revolves around the atrium that is articulated by the Olive tree as its central component, the Olive tree here is a reference to the land on one hand and rooted in the history of the place.

The Atrium is yet not introverted, it is not a courtyard, it opens with a large window to invite a visual relation between indoor inhabitants and outdoor neighbors.


Capital Select building, has a hybrid relation to its ground, sits directly on the ground from the main street, and on a plinth from the secondary street. Yet the building is suspended from its ground on a collection of massive cylindrical columns.


Nature materials and industrial products come together to form the skin of capital bank building, complementing the massive attitude of the building with different levels of transparency from solid stone walls to translucent concrete, to glass walls.

Those different levels of transparency, allow capital select building to be contextual, allowing a play of light and shadows and visual connectivity with the out-side.


Jerusalem stone complements the Olive tree, an attempt to maintain a reference to contextuality and strong connection to the Land.

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