Project Description

Residence H. is a 2-story single-family house and a private panoramic roof, located on a highland that offers a variety of views, the house maintains relation to some of the traditional stone building strategies yet with minimal modern aesthetic.
The views and topography were dominating force on the project, and an exciting opportunity to give the inhabitant of the house a panoramic view to the surroundings for each room on the high floors, on the ground floor direct access to the garden was granted.
The program of the house is generous enough to host large gatherings and celebrations in guests rooms and halls with a private floor of a living rooms, dining room, 4 bedrooms with private bathrooms, and the roof as a private apartment.

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H. Residence is a negotiation between contrasts, the minimalistic and monumental. This tension between components reflects on the distribution of aesthetics effects, starting from the project relation to its ground, the project is on a plinth, stepping up to higher levels to a grand entrance that references the aesthetic of the monumental, the mass of the entrance is articulated with vertical narrow openings as an accentuation of the medieval castle reference. The mass is extended with almost complete openness with big full-height window openings attempting to bring the surrounding garden in and provides visual continuity to both the garden and the city mountains view
Maintaining honesty to the specificity of the stone building culture, In the diagram reveals the stone stacking strategy as programmatic organization technique, the plinth is inhabited by services and parking’s, and becomes some sort of an infrastructural ground for the masses of the house to inhabit.
The house can be read through 3 main programmatic relations, the infrastructural plinth, the serving massive wall, and the served stack. The last category has another internal zoning strategy, from the ground floor up, the level of privacy increases, in-fact the possibility for personalization and customization becomes more local to each room, on top of the house sets another smaller house rendered in orange in the diagram.
The masses are not cut, the masses are carved, the strategy to treat stone as stone, the contrast between the solid protective wall, and the more social and open stack is amplified through allowing a courtyard to penetrate the mass, allowing the inhabitants to engage with the garden and the view.
Natural elements, begin to activate the relation between the house as a protected territory and the one with fine boundaries between the indoor space and the outdoor garden.

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