Project Description

The Lightbox is a beach vacation house for a single family, the design of this house borrows simple geometry of a cube envelop, within this envelop a rhythmic pattern between solid and void with big, corrugated glass window openings to have a seamless connection with the outside views. Lightbox is articulated with a dark rendered concrete material and translucent concrete.
The simplification strategy comes in coherence with the simple program, this house was intended to host parties and family celebrations to achieve this objective Livingroom, Dining room and a kitchen were design slightly larger and more open to the outside, while bedrooms are equipped with a private bathroom and maintains complete privacy. To achieve direct connection between the living spaces and the outdoor terraces and pool the corrugated glass provides the possibility to open the livings areas completely and create a direct connection with the outdoor facilities.
The interior of the house design method and strategy was to achieve an aesthetic of personal and warm, while balanced with welcoming, natural elements such as wood floors and greenery, simple a cozy furniture selection, and neutral color pallets.

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The lightbox is a hybrid metaphor, it is an attempt to capture the effect of the vertical lighthouse that sits signaling to ships in the sea, in addition to approximating the monumentality of a Greek temple on top of the mountain, the beach house in this proposal celebrates light both natural light from the sun washing the entire space with energy, while it becomes the source of light and warmth at night.
This concept is achieved through stacking the project masses, the house meets the ground with a hybrid relation the house sets on a podium that is in-fact inhabitable from one side and touches the natural ground when approached, The walls and windows celebrate light, big window openings, and skylight openings invite the light in and allow it to escape at night, even the walls cannot hold the light back, the use of translucent concrete make it seems like the walls are not able to hold the light in, and articulates the night seen with closer stars.

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