The Challenge

Traditional marketing is on the decrease, particularly as more businesses adopt a digital strategy. Content marketing is an innovative online strategy for reaching clearly defined audiences by focusing on developing and delivering valuable, relevant, and consistent content to ultimately generate profitable consumer action. The content created is frequently information that assists clients in determining the worth of a product and whether they should devote the necessary time and financial resources to purchase it. Educating customers on the advantages of a company’s product or service can frequently be the difference between a visitor purchasing their offering over one from a competitor.

Yousef Afandi was successfully able to shift its audience through content marketing. Yousef Afandi’s target audience was focused on the 30 and above age category but when the marketing team at Paradigm DH conducted a new marketing strategy, they realized that they have a unique opportunity to shift their media planning and capitalize on the new trends for a whole new target audience.

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The Approach

The team at Paradigm DH understood the need for flexible media planning and analytics and were able to acquire new customers under the age of 30 naming them the youth segment through content marketing, which demonstrated a profound impact on Yousef Afandi’s marketing ROI. While the most important part of content marketing was the media campaigns and media planning conducted on the content created along with the influencer collaborations. When Yousef Afandi began to gain more customers from the missing segment, they understood the importance of creative marketing and messaging. The brand went from a breaking name for adults to a recognized brand across the region.

The Impact

Paradigm DH’s marketing team is eager to turn Yousef Afandi’s marketing analytics into data which will allow them to discover new insights and turn them into consumer trends. The most important part through creating this shift while making sure you have the proper data to do so, is to market it through the right social media platforms matching the right trends with the right platform to make sure you are targeting the right segments.

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